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Minimalism - the art of saying More with Less

Minimalism The Ultimate Challenge

The challenge of minimalism is to say  more with less . Less means leaving out all those parts that detract so that only the very essence remains.

An artist will start their journey painting “things” objects that they can see such as trees, houses, streets, fields, dogs and many more. Then some of those artists question why do that there must be more. And there is, much more. So they move on into abstraction, perhaps geometry interests them so it becomes geometric abstraction, or ... the choice are endless.

In my case I eventually arrived at minimalism and As an artist I have found minimalism to be the most challenging type of art. The self discipline I require to leave out almost everything sometimes escapes me but the goal of saying More with Less is irresistible. When it works it is amazing.

Watercolour is my choice of paint. I do not use it in the traditional way but the full range of its properties from opaque to transparent and it’s colour blending abilities serves me well. I always use paper of not less than 300 lb so that I can be sure it can handle my robust use of the paint.

You can find examples of minimal art on my website

On April 17, 2020