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Why is Myndblue Gallery the best choice for you?

Myndblue Gallery - Exhibitions, Art Classes & Workshops - Sharing the passion for art. Myndblue Gallery is situated in the imposing Double Reynolds Warehouse in the heart of the historic Docks. It overlooks the Main Docks Basin providing boundless inspiration for artists, students and visitors and all is visible through its windows - water, boats, tall ships, historic dockside, bridges, waterfowl, and nearby museums.

More about Myndblue Gallery:

Myndblue Gallery is a space of tranquillity, an encouraging, relaxing retreat to nurture the senses and stimulate creativity. The constantly changing exhibits include heritage and conservation themes, often with a local flavour. Topics include historic buildings such as cathedrals, wildlife and waterfowl, jet aircraft, canal and inland waterways, natural landscapes and more. The styles of art are varied from realistic to abstract.

What can Myndblue Gallery offer you?

Art Classes and Events include: - short workshops to develop & embrace new skills - sketch and stroll around the Docks learning drawing techniques - weekly art groups - art tutorials - exhibition and themed events - art parties (e.g. hen, birthday)

Who preceded you?

Classes are ideal for those wanting to learn and improve their skills, for beginners to build confidence or for those who just 'want to have a go'. The ethos is to develop individuals, to feed their artist within, through experimentation and self exploration of style and approach. All types of mediums for painting and drawing are used and art techniques are demonstrated enabling individuals to discover new ways to portray ideas. This is the essence and fabric of the studio gallery.


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6a Double Reynolds The Docks Gloucester GL12EN
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